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Affordable Proofreading

At Academic Proofreading we offer three types of service based on how quickly you want your document returned to you. Unlike some other proofreading services, in each case the quality of proofreading will be the same. 


£0.012 per word

Returned within 72 hours of submission


£0.018 per word

Returned within 24 hours of submission


£0.036 per word

Returned within 12 hours of submission

If required, a Receipt indicating payment for proofreading can be provided on request.

Similarly, a Letter of Certification to indicate that a document has been proofread by a native English speaker is available on request.

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What Our Students Say

There is no better way to judge the quality of the service which Academic Proofreading provides than by looking at what our clients say about us.  Have a look at the following. 

Proofreading Examples

Proofreading Examples

The following is an example of how we at Academic Proofreading proofread a document. On completion we will return both a corrected copy and a final copy.


Annotated Corrected Copy

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Final Edited Copy

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