Proofreading Examples

How We Improve Your Work

For most of our clients, English is not their first language.  Consequently, mistakes can occur.  It is mistakes such as these which can lead to lower grades or to papers submitted to peer-reviewed journals being rejected. Prevent all this by letting us proofread your work. 

Undergraduate Proofreading

This is an example of a piece of undergraduate work on IT governance which has been proofread by one of our experts. 

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Postgraduate Proofreading

This is an example of a Master’s degree paper  of a postgraduate student on teaching English in Saudi Arabian secondary schools.

Postgraduate Students

Research Proofreading

.Writing research papers is an onerous task.  Let our Academic Proofreading experts take some of the burden from you.

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Academic Staff Proofreading

Your reputation as an academic and as a researcher stands or falls by the quality of the publications you produce.  Before submitting papers or books for consideration by peer-reviewed journals or publishers, make sure about the quality of the English you use.  Let us check it out for you. 

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General Proofreading

The need for error-free English isn’t only important in academic work.  There are many occasions when an e-mail or a letter strewn with mistakes can create the wrong impression.  Let us prevent this.  

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