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We have been working with students and academics since 2004.  At Academic Proofreading we have gathered together a team of expert proofreaders, all of whom are native English speakers and graduates of British Universities.

Professional Proofreading For All Academic Levels

Academic Proofreading was founded in 2004 by Dr David Mercer.

We are aware of the problems that you might face in writing academic pieces in English and know how to remedy them. We have an in-depth quality control procedure in place to ensure that you receive the highest quality service. This means that you won’t be disappointed.

“All our proofreaders are educated to degree level at very least. Many are currently working towards a Master’s degree or a Doctorate.”

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About Us

Benefits Of Our Service

Experienced Proofreaders

At Academic Proofreading we have proofreaders who between them offer a range of expertise to support your writing.

Fast Turnaround Available

As you can see elsewhere in these webpages, we offer a range of possible turn-around times.  Choose one which best suits your needs.

Competitive Prices

We offer a highly competitive service in terms of cost and quality. 

Improve Your Grades

It goes without saying that being able to communicate what you want to say in perfect English will enhance the quality of your document and ensure better grades.  This can literally be life-changing.

Degree Level Proofreaders

All our proofreaders are in possession of a degree from a British University.  Several have doctorates.

Professionally Formatted

As you can see from the proofreading examples we provide elsewhere on these webpages, we will provide you with full details of how we have improved your document, together with a perfectly-formatted final document.

How It All Started

Academic Proofreading was founded in 2004 by Dr David Mercer, (MA, PGCE, MEd, PhD).

Dr Mercer has lectured at the Universities of Sunderland, Hong Kong and Newcastle and has worked closely with overseas students, preparing them for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

His most recent professional responsibility before focusing on Academic Proofreading on a full-time basis was Programme Leader for the Integrated PhD in the School of Education at Newcastle University.

Based on this experience he is fully aware of the problems that you might face in writing academic pieces in English and knows how to remedy them.

Our Team

Our Expert Proofreaders

Our team of proofreaders are vastly experienced in working with a wide variety of subjects for clients from around the globe. They are all native English-speaking graduates (up to PhD level) of British universities.  We offer pen-portraits of some of them.

Founder of Academic Proofreading, David Mercer


Degrees: Economics, Education and Management

Dr Mercer has lectured at the Universities of Sunderland, Hong Kong and Newcastle and has worked closely with overseas students, preparing them for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

He has supervised research and undertaken proofreading for students from the Peoples Republic of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Gambia, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Kuwait among many others. With degrees in Economics, Education and Management, he is comfortable proofreading papers and theses relating to these topics but, over the years, has gained in-depth experience of proofreading a wide range of subjects.

Based on this experience he is fully aware of the problems that you might face in writing academic pieces in English and knows how to help you cope with them.

Liz of Academic Proofreading


Degrees: Law, Insurance

Liz has a degree in Law, professional post-graduate qualifications in insurance, and has been trained in proofreading and copy-editing to exacting industry standards with the Publishing Training Company and the Society of Editors and Proofreaders (now the CIEP). As a native English speaker, Liz very much enjoys working with students, independent academics, and businesses, worldwide, helping them to polish and perfect their written English.

Liz has a wide range of experience proofreading and editing academic work, including essays and dissertations ranging from 1,000 to 120,000 words, PhD dissertations and theses, and journal articles. Outside of work, Liz manages social media for an animal charity, and enjoys crafts and the outdoors.

Rowena of Academic Proofreading


Degrees: French, German, PGCE Secondary Education

Rowena studied French and German at university, followed by a PGCE in secondary education. She later moved into editing, completing courses in proofreading and copyediting. Rowena has extensive experience of editing academic books, journal articles, reports and theses, mainly in social science, education and international development, and her languages background helps her refine documents written by non-native English speakers.

Rowena has lived overseas for many years, in Zambia, India and Uganda, to name just a few. Her overseas experience means she is good at spotting errors in names of people, places and organisations!

She enjoys all kinds of sports, especially tennis and yoga, and never tires of exploring new places. She currently lives in Uganda.

LDave of Academic Proofreading


Degrees: Psychology, Health/Medical Psychology

Having graduated in psychology, Dave went on to earn a doctorate in the field of health/medical psychology and spent many years working in academia as a lecturer/researcher before embarking on a change of career. His passion has always been to refine and enhance written texts to an excellent standard. Dave now has substantial experience working as a proofreader and editor, specialising in refining academic documents.  He particularly enjoys proofreading in the social and natural sciences.

Outside of work, Dave enjoys spending time with his two cats, is an avid movie buff, reads widely, and enjoys a wide range of music from industrial rock to electronica.

Pat of Academic Proofreading


Degrees: English & Drama

Pat trained originally as a secretary. When her family grew up she went to university and trained as a teacher of English and Drama. She is that unusual person who loves English grammar – as she says, she even liked it at school!

She has proofread a wide variety of articles including, in recent weeks, economics, management, healthcare, computational thinking and dengue fever.

When not proofreading, Pat enjoys walking her dog, writing short stories and poetry, some of which have been published, and reading.

She now lives in France.

Jennie of Academic Proofreading


Degrees: Human Resource Management and Nursing

With degrees in both Human Resource Management and Nursing, Jennie can cover a wide range of subjects when it comes to proofreading your documents. She is currently working on a Master’s degree in Cancer Care, with a primary focus on Haematology, at University College London. During the current pandemic she has been working in intensive care.

She lives in London with a dog, two cats (and a husband). When she has the time, she enjoys walking and photography. 


Eric of Academic Proofreading


Degrees: Economic History

Eric graduated in Economic History from the University of Kent, subsequently embarking on a career in retail banking, all the while developing strengths in written communication.

Deciding on a change of direction Eric, now enjoys all areas of proofreading and has edited a vast range of documents from undergraduate essays to postgraduate theses, and is happy to take on all types of academic work with the aim of helping clients submit error-free and readable papers.

Hazel of Academic Proofreading


Degrees: English Literature

Hazel has spent her professional and personal life immersed in the English language. After studying for a BA and MA in English Literature, she trained as a qualified teacher, going on to teach English in the UK and Italy for the next 10 years. Since completing her PhD in English Literature in 2012, she has gone on to successfully publish a monograph as well as chapters and articles with major academic presses.

Over the last 10 years, she has guest edited special editions of academic journals, peer-reviewed academic articles and advised on book proposals for major academic publishers. She continues to act as an English examiner for the International Baccalaureate and currently works for a Russell Group university in the UK.

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