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Reviews From Our Students

In preparation for launching the new version of the Academic Proofreading website, we asked some of our long-term clients for their comments:

Thank you so much for your quick service and professional work!
I really appreciate it!

Reem, UAE

Thank you for your rapid proofreading.
I have submitted another proposal for my friend, can you please proof-reader it. Sorry for disturbance and appreciated you help a lot.
Best Wishes

Mohammed , Oman

I demonstrated online to my PhD students how to register and how to upload their papers for proofreading, I recommended your site for this purpose. I should get commission 🙂

Mohammed , Saudi Arabia

I cannot thank you enough for this, much appreciated. Have a good day.

Hanan, UAE

Thank you so much. You have really helped me out here!

Tjitske, Holland

Oh thank you so much!

Sabrina, Italy

Thank you so much for your prompt responses and proofreading.

Nur, Turkey

Thank you very much for the Proofreading. I never expected you to be so fast and will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.
Kind regards,

Elisabeth, Germany

Thank you so much for your help!! I have edited the work you sent and have already submitted my assignment on time!! I really appreciate you. I wish you all the best, and please take care of yourself during this pandemic.

Zu-ya, Taiwan

Thank you so so much for your help.

Janet, Taiwan
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