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Our Terms & Conditions

(1) Academic Proofreading assumes no responsibility for maintaining an unedited version of the submitted document. You (the customer) are expected to retain your own copy of the unedited document.

(2) Academic Proofreading will only accept payment using the online payment facilities provided. We do not accept cheques, Postal Orders, cash or any other payment alternatives.

(3) All transfer of files and documents will be done using electronic means. Submission of documents must take place online from the Academic Proofreading site, while the proofread documents will be available for download from this website. In the event that we are required to send the documents as attachements via email it is the your (the customer) responsibility to ensure that your email facility allows the receipt of emails with attachments.

(4) Academic Proofreading reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. If this should occur, you (the customer) will be issued with a full refund within 28 days.

(5) Refunds will be issued on a case by case basis, and any customer dissatisfaction must be supported by submitted documentation providing full reasons for the requested refund.

(6) Although every effort will be made to return your proofread document to you within 5 working days, Academic Proofreading take no responsibility for any delays. In the event of unforseen delays, you (the customer) will be rolex replica informed as soon as possible.

(7) Academic Proofreading assumes no liability for losses (academic or otherwise) caused by any delay in returning the proofread document to you (the customer).

(8) In the event that a problem occurs during the application process, and the submitted document is not correctly uploaded, an administrator will be in touch (via email) with a request for the document to be rolex replica resubmitted. It is your (the customer) responsibility to be contactable should this event occur. Should any delay occur due to this failure to upload the file, or in the attempt to contact you (the customer), Academic Proofreading assume no liability for any losses incurred (academic or otherwise).

(9) It is your (the customer) responsibility to ensure the email address provided is correct. As the primary avenue of communication, failure to provide a correct address could have serious consequences, and Academic Proofreading assume no responsibility for any outcome nor can they guarantee a refund, partial or full.

(10) The services provided by Academic Proofreading fall under point 6.1(a) of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (SI 2000 No. 2334), which state that the typical seven day cooling off period from the hublot replica date of purchase does not apply due to the service beginning before the end of the stated seven days. In agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you are agreeing to early delivery of the service.

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